Seth Leeb Awarded 2022 Architect of the Year by AIA New Jersey

Seth Leeb, of South Orange, principal of Seth A. Leeb Architect, based out of Parsippany, NJ, has recently been recognized as the 2022 Architect of the Year by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) New Jersey Chapter. Seth Leeb is a very familiar name to many AlA affiliated architects across the state of New Jersey. With a long, unrelenting commitment to advancing the architectural profession, Seth has held leadership positions within AlA NJ and AIA Newark & Suburban (N&S). Simultaneously, Leeb has built a well-respected, award-winning, eponymous firm that celebrates its 25th year in business in 2023. Year in and year out, Seth balances high quality creative design, outstanding customer rapport and a willingness to mentor the next generation of architects with his devoted service to AlA and the community at large.

Seth’s Long Standing Reputation with the AIA

Immediately upon his graduation from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), Seth joined the Newark & Suburban Section of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, where he arranged programs for the associate members to learn about the steps needed in preparation for licensure exams. Previously at RISD, he had served as President of its highly active Student AIA Chapter.

After licensure, Seth was elected to the AlA Newark & Suburban (N&S) Board. Seth rose in leadership from Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Vice President, President Elect, to President of the AlA N&S Section in 2001. Before becoming Section President, Leeb concurrently became active on the Board of the State Chapter of the AlA. He visited Washington, DC as a representative during Grassroots, actively canvassing Federal legislators on issues that were pressing for architects. To promote a better understanding of the built environment and advocate for the concerns of the New Jersey architectural community, he would frequently meet with state legislators and political candidates. Simultaneously, Seth rose through the ranks on the AlA State Board to President of AlA New Jersey in 2008, one of the youngest architects to serve in that capacity.

Throughout his tenure as a leader in both AlA N&S and AIA NJ, Seth has instituted new awards categories, aimed specifically at recognizing small projects and small firms. Leeb continues to focus on elevating the status of sole practitioners and small firms, a grassroots population within the architectural profession.

Seth’s Charitable Work in New Jersey

Despite managing a thriving business and balancing an active family life, Seth allots significant time each year to community service. He offers professional expertise for the betterment of others, particularly as part of Morris Habitat for Humanity’s building efforts. It is with Morris Habitat for Humanity that Leeb has really immersed himself and his firm, providing quality designs that can be built by volunteers and provide desperately needed affordable housing. Often, the sites selected by Habitat are in established neighborhoods that are resistant to affordable housing. Whether Seth is before a Municipal Board arguing for approvals of additions to an affluent single-family residence or a six-unit Habitat project, Leeb’s approach is the same: provide a well-designed plan that will fit into the community. Architecturally, his designs break the stigma that affordable housing means shoddy construction and a lowering of property values. Seth highlights the reality that everyone benefits from superior design. A particular concern to first-time homeowners are ongoing costs. Leeb truly understands this and has ensured every Habitat housing unit and/or single-family home has the highest Energy Star rating possible. Additionally, he has designed Habitat Net-Zero houses that have been built with sustainability carefully integrated into every detail.

Seth A. Leeb Architect Celebrates 25 Years in Business

It is no easy feat to establish an architectural firm and make it successful – especially given the market variables of the last quarter century. With a tremendous amount of persistence and resilience, Seth has succeeded in growing a business with a highly diversified client base. Seth A. Leeb Architect has completed projects in 17 of New Jersey’s 21 counties, earning a well-deserved reputation for excellent design, as well as mentoring the next generation of architects as interns and new hires. Leeb is proud to celebrate 25 successful years in business this year, along with being formally recognized at the state level for his life’s work. He states,

“We’ve been growing our firm for decades and have built a reputation for innovative and diverse work over that time. I was excited and honored to receive this award in the same year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary.”

Seth has given back to the AIA, as a leader in the chapter, the state, and the region. Leeb has long been considered a volunteer who can be counted on to do everything to meet AIA goals, encourage others involvement in the organization and work diligently towards its improvement. His deep and unwavering commitment to service has promoted superior architectural design and improved the visibility of architecture in the State of New Jersey.

To learn more about Seth A. Leeb Architecture, and the exceptional architectural design services offered to homes and businesses in New Jersey, please visit: https://leeb-architecture.com/


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