Setting Up an Architectural Design Selection Committee

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If you’re looking to hire an architect for your home remodel, have you considered setting up an architectural design selection committee? Anyone who has been involved with an architectural project before knows that choosing the right firm takes time and patience, it’s not a decision to make lightly and it requires a lot of thoughtful consideration. You want to be sure you choose a firm that has the necessary qualifications, and it’s crucial that they understand your vision and your project. 

So, what is an architectural design selection committee, and how can it benefit your project?

  • An architectural design committee is made up of various stakeholders and allows for a more diverse range of viewpoints and feedback. For example, if you’re planning to build a new gym, your committee will of course include architects, but it might also include others who will be using the space daily like personal trainers, gym staff, and assorted health and fitness professionals. 
  • While you do want a broad range of viewpoints represented on your committee, you don’t want the committee to be too big because it can hinder the decision-making process. We suggest having around five to seven people on your design selection committee, but of course this may vary depending on the complexity of your project. 
  • You’ll need to prepare a brief for your committee, outlining your project and its final design. You should also encourage your committee to share their perspectives, especially those who will be using the space on a daily basis, because they may have important viewpoints you have not yet considered.

Choosing an architect for your home remodel in NJ

Anyone who has built a home knows it takes careful planning and preparation. While you’re putting together a short list of architects there are many elements to consider: timelines, budgets, qualifications, and many more. One important element to keep in mind is working style. You’ll be speaking to and working with the firm you choose on a very frequent basis once your project starts, so you want an architect whose working and communication styles are in sync with yours. 

Before making your final decision, we recommend doing a bit of investigation about the reputation of the firm you want to hire. Ask for client testimonials, speak with people who have used the firm in the past, and do a little bit of internet digging. It’ll pay off in the end. 

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