Don’t Wait for Spring to Start your Home Remodel

Are you planning a complete home remodel for springtime next year? You might think it’s best to wait until the weather warms to get started on your renovations, but our residential architects have plenty of experience with winter remodels, and they actually recommend remodeling your home during this chilly season. Here’s how you can get started now instead of waiting until spring. 

Get the Design Plans Finalized

Whether you’re remodeling a single area of your house or your remodel is more expensive, the design plan phase can take longer than you think. If you need to get any building permits approved, local offices tend to be much less busy in the winter months, so your permits are likely to get approved more quickly. Work with your architect and your contractor to finalize your design plans and get your permits approved, so the remodel can begin more promptly. 

Architects & Contractors Slow Season

Winter is the slow season for architects and contractors, while their availability in the spring and summer is often incredibly limited. You don’t want to wait ages for your preferred residential architect to have capacity to take on your remodel, so consider having the work done in winter when they’re more likely to be free.  

In addition to architects and contractors, winter is also the slow season for home improvement and home appliance retailers. So the appliances and fixtures you want are much more likely to be in stock if you remodel in the winter, versus between April and July, which they consider their busy season. 

Schedule Work to Start after the Holidays

The winter holiday season is a time for people to gather with family and friends, and many of us have some much-needed time off work to rest, relax, and recharge. Perhaps your annual holiday tradition is to host a big dinner for your family, or maybe you have relatives from out of town coming to stay with you. 

Either way, we recommend waiting until right after the holidays to start your remodel, to ensure the construction doesn’t interfere with your holiday plans. Getting the remodel going in early January also gives you something exciting to focus on in the new year, with the hopes that it’ll be completed and ready for you to enjoy by spring. 

Contact your Local NJ Architect  

If you’re ready to get started on your remodeling job, or if you’re still in the planning phase and would like to better understand what’s possible within your budget and space, contact your local residential architect to start the conversation. This month is a great time to start bringing your ideas to life, and depending on the extent of your remodel, it’s likely to be finished just in time for spring.

For more information about remodeling your home in the winter, or if you have any questions for our residential architects, please contact our team at Seth Leeb Architect today. You could also visit our website to see past home renovations for more inspiration here: https://leeb-architecture.com/projects

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