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16 Apr 2018

What’s the Best Time of Year to Start Building?

One of the first questions many people ask their architect in NJ is when to start building their new home or addition. Here are some insights to help you make the best start on your new project. What Factors Should I Consider Before I Start Building?  Your contractors: The reality is that contractors are available year-round depending on their schedule and are often more easily available in their “off-season” months. If you want a specific contractor, this might be the […]

09 Apr 2018

5 Qualities of Exceptional Architectural Design

There are a few key elements that stand out as the foundation of any great building. Here’s a quick guide to the stand-out elements of architectural design in NJ. Sustainability: This refers to the inclusion of technology and design elements that help create buildings that have a lower carbon footprint, are more affordable to maintain, and are energy-efficient to keep running costs down. Making this a priority in the design stage is a great way for businesses to keep long-term […]

02 Apr 2018

What is a Feasibility Assessment – And Why is it Important?

One of the services offered by commercial and residential architects is a feasibility assessment or feasibility study. This is a full evaluation that takes place in the early stages of a project that looks at every aspect of the build and is ideal for larger or more complex projects, or where the site itself may be more challenging. What is the Purpose of a Feasibility Study?  Firstly, this evaluation will determine if the project is viable. It will also lay […]

12 Mar 2018
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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with Your Architect

Building a home is usually a project that our clients have thought about and planned for over many years – even their entire lives – and your initial meeting with your architect is the first step towards bringing that dream to life. Here’s how to prepare for it to ensure you have all the information you need to go forward. Create a project brief: This might sound intimidating, but it’s a very useful way of ensuring you are expressing your […]

05 Feb 2018
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Medical Office Suites – Not Your Average Construction Project

While all commercial buildings have their special requirements, medical office suites require additional care in the design process because of their particular function. Here are some insights from a commercial NJ architect with experience in medical office design. Form Meets Function, Meets Health  While there are hundreds of aspects of design, many of them creative and innovative, architects follow the adage that “form follows function” – that is, the physical structure should be determined by its purpose. In medical office […]