The Biggest Trends in Municipal Construction Projects

Municipal projects are all about supporting and enhancing communities, making them more attractive, safer and more desirable places to live. As a result, a lot of effort goes into planning these projects – after all, there’s taxpayer money at stake. These are the trends that are setting the tone for forward-thinking municipal construction projects led by a commercial architect:

  • Think Ahead

One of the most important considerations is not to just look at what a community needs now, but to properly map what the community will need in the coming decades. This means planning a building that works within current and future planned infrastructure, that is large enough to accommodate expected growth in the community, and is flexible enough to adapt as needs change. For many projects that embrace this trend, it often means looking beyond a single building to multiple complementary projects involving public and private stakeholders that focus on big-picture community goals for economic growth and development.

  • Embrace Sustainability

Like many forward-thinking states and cities, New Jersey is driving sustainability initiatives in communities, including solar power and the use of other renewable energies. Municipal building projects should take these initiatives and values into account by building a project that embraces sustainability goals, as these are most effective if they are built into the project from the start. Sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives are widely supported by most communities, and these municipal buildings will stand as a testament and icon to these values while appreciating the benefits of affordable operational costs. Some great ideas for sustainable buildings include solar power panels, community farms, passive building techniques, environmentally-friendly recycling policies, green transportation features, water catchment and recycling systems, and green roofs and walls.

Planning a Municipal Project? Speak to a Leading Commercial Architect in NJ

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