The Connection Between Interior Design and Architectural Design

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Architectural design and interior design are two separate disciplines, but they come together in an important way and both play a major role in the overall look and feel of a home. Recently, architecture schools and interior design schools have started merging these two distinct practices because they’re undeniably connected, but before we learn more about that, let’s look at the history of each practice in its own context:

Architectural Design 

Traditionally, architects work with all elements of space including building codes, exterior materials, engineering, and safety and access. For a home this means any building permits that are required, what the outside of the house – including the roof – looks like, and how energy efficient the house is. Architects also focus on interior design elements like the general layout, how to maximize space in each room, and creating a certain feel. 

Interior Design

Interior designers focus more on how the interior of a house looks, and this includes everything from floor finishes to cabinetry to wall color to furniture to window coverings. Ideally, an interior designer will work with the architect on certain elements of a home, like the location of any large cabinetry installations, and to ensure the windows throughout the home are best placed to create the feel the homeowners want.  

How they connect

These two professions are connected by some middle areas that ideally, they would both work together on when designing a home. These middle areas include choosing interior finishes, meaning carpet, wood, tile, or some other flooring, mapping out furniture placement to maximize space in each room, paint selection, any interior elevations, and door hardware. 

Every room in your house requires multiple design decisions. You must decide where you want the windows to be, you have to choose the floorplan, what color to paint each room, furniture for each room – and that’s just a few of the many decisions you’ll be faced with. You also want the process to be as straightforward and seamless as possible, so you can stay within your budget and finish within the proposed deadline.

Hiring both an architect and an interior designer to work together on your project ensures that every element of your home is considered when making major decisions, both the interior and the exterior, and will deliver a great result that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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