The Essentials of Medical Office Design

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Creating a functional and successful medical office space requires more consideration and attention to detail than ever before. These spaces need to be comfortable and convenient for patients, accommodating to new technology and equipment, have functional and efficient flow for patients and staff, and be cost effective yet attractive. Here are some insights from an experienced commercial architect.

Ask These Questions to Ensure an Optimal Medical Office Design 

The most essential element to planning a medical office – other than partnering with an experienced medical office architect – is to ask these questions during the planning process.

  • What type of medical practice is this office being designed for? Every medical office is different, so the design needs to change to accommodate the specific needs of a cosmetic surgery practice, pediatric practice or any other specialty practice.
  • What are the practice workflow and the patient egress/access requirements?
  • What are the patient requirements? Access ramps, comfort and safety features, and play areas for children, etc.
  • What are the patient privacy needs for the practice? Privacy of exam rooms, areas where patients can have samples taken, a triage area or screening area, etc.
  • Does the practice require a marketing or product area? For example, a space to advertise and try on eyeglasses.
  • Where can staff increase their efficiency by grouping certain practice areas or flows?
  • What types of rooms and number of rooms are required? Remember to include standard spaces like bathrooms (for patients and staff) as well as waiting rooms, exam rooms, laboratory spaces, and filing rooms.
  • What equipment needs to be accommodated? Does this equipment have any special requirements?
  • What are the practice’s storage requirements?
  • Is the practice growing? Will you need more space to expand into or a more flexible layout that can be adapted to changing needs?
  • What are the Federal, State or local regulations for the practice?
  • What are the HIPAA implications for the design and layout of the practice?
  • What procedures would take place in the practice and what type of space would they require?

Let an Experienced Medical Office Architect Design, Project Manage and Deliver an Exceptional Space for Staff and Patients

At the award-winning Seth A. Leeb Architect firm, we specialize in balancing commercial office requirements with the creative design touches that make these buildings truly exceptional. With considerable experience in commercial projects and medical suite projects, we are able to deliver the expertise and skills to deliver outstanding results. Whether you need an interior renovation (tenant fit-out), exterior makeover or a new building, we can assist you. For more information on our medical office architect service offerings, please contact us today or visit our website at https://leeb-architecture.com/

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