The Most Common Home-Building Problems – And How to Avoid Them

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Building a new home is an exciting adventure with a fantastic reward once all the hard work is done. Ending up with your dream home takes hard work though, and there are plenty of challenges to overcome along the way. Here are the most common ones to look out for, from a leading residential architect firm in NJ.

  • No project manager: Acting as your own project manager is often used as a way to save money on your build. However, unless you have previous experience, you’re going to find that this will be more stressful and more expensive than you anticipated. Firstly, you won’t have the connections with local contractors to get the best quality at the best price. You’ll likely experience delays because you won’t know who needs to be hired and schedule at what point of the build, and because you’re a once-off project, contractors will likely prioritize return business over yours. Hiring an experienced project manager is worth the cost – they ensure that the best people are booked at the best rates, are scheduled in at the right time and have the relationship needed to push them to get the best results.
  • Poor quality house plans: Houses aren’t nearly as straightforward and uncomplicated as they seem and having well-thought out architectural plans is essential for a successful project. Without these plans you can’t estimate your budget accurately, cost out materials properly, instruct subcontractors clearly or – most importantly – realize your vision. Architectural plans cost money, yes – but they save money too by preventing misunderstandings, expensive tear-outs, conflicts between subcontractors and, ultimately, leaving you with a home that’s full of compromises and problems.
  • Thinking short-term: For most people, a custom-built home is their dream as well as a big investment of their time and money – so it’s important that it’s the kind of house that will work for you for the long-term. Ask yourself if it will work when you have kids or through your senior years? Can you easily add on if you have to? Or will your home be far too big and difficult to maintain after you retire? Working through these and other questions relevant to your lifestyle with a qualified residential architect will help you build a home that evolves with you rather becoming impractical or challenging to live in.

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