The Role of the Architect in Commercial Building Projects

With so many different contractors and companies involved in the creation of a commercial building, there is often confusion over who is responsible for what role. Here’s some insight into the role of a commercial architect on a project.

Limited or Full-Service Commercial Architect? 

A full-service architect is responsible for the widest range of services during the design, conception, planning and construction of a commercial project. The client can decide to choose the full package of services or a limited amount of services based on what they require, and this determines the architect’s involvement in the project.

For example, these services include:

  • Site analysis
  • Egress studies
  • Contractor bid process management
  • Town building code plan approvals and management
  • Roof analysis
  • Masonry analysis
  • Elevator design
  • ADA and/or barrier free design and compliance
  • Cost estimating
  • Schematic design
  • and
  • Building investigation

This is in addition to general design services that include

  • 3D renderings
  • Cabinetry and furniture design
  • Interior renovations
  • Facade renovations

Partner with a NJ Architect Who Offers Custom Solutions and Services for Commercial Projects 

Clearly, not every project will require the same services, and some – like period buildings – may require additional services – so the key is to find someone who can develop a solution that is customized to exactly what the client needs. With 20 years of experience, the architecture firm of Seth A. Leeb can provide the expertise, skills and innovative thinking you need to create a commercial space that fits your vision completely. For more information on our commercial architect services, please contact us today or visit our website at http://sethleeb.wpengine.com/

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