These Finishing Touches Transform Houses into Homes with Character

A home is more than four walls and a roof – it’s a place where you get to express yourself by embodying it with features that make it stand out and look like it’s truly yours. Here are some of the most popular ways to add touches of character to your house, from a leading home architect in NJ.

  • Window trim: This is a detail that’s easy to add whether your home is in the design phase of being built or if you’ve already lived in it for years. Most modern homes built by developers don’t feature window trim, but there’s no reason not to do it yourself. It’s a simple way to add a neat window ledge for books and mementos and it’s affordable too – just make sure that it suits your home’s architecture.
  • Unusual flooring: You may think that it’s lost underfoot, but flooring can make a real style impact in your home. With some time, effort and a budget, a new floor can revitalize an entire home and give it a brand-new atmosphere. Interesting and unusual floors to consider include polished concrete flooring, warm hardwood floors, and artistic painted tiles.
  • Moldings: If you want your home to have the character and feel of an updated classic, then you can’t go wrong with moldings. From ceiling medallions and wainscoting to moldings around doors and against ceilings, it’s an affordable way to add elegance and visual interest to your space. It can be painted in contrasting or complementary colors, frame artworks or book shelves, or add a beach house feel to a bathroom.
  • Fireplace: There is nothing that adds character and a focal point to a bland room quite like a fireplace. It’s one of the most in-demand features for homeowners – and it’s easy to see why. In winter, it provides warmth and visual interest in the form of cozy fires, and in summer they provide visual interest through their form like a piece of art. There’s a fireplace for every size room and every style too, from suspended metal fireplaces that look like modern art to rustic wood-burning stoves.

Building or Remodeling Your Home? Let a Residential Architect in NJ Deliver Your Dream

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