This is Why You Should Choose an Architect-Led Design Build

Whether you’re building a new home or commercial office, there’s always a set sequence of steps between designing your building, the actual creation process and moving in to a finished property. One method of managing this process is called an architect-led design build, and it has several advantages worth considering.

One Point of Contact Throughout the Build

In many building projects, the architect comes up with the plans that the owner then approves, and then those plans are handed to a building contractor who takes charge of the project. The architect’s section of work is done at this point, and any compromises during the building process will have to be solved by the owner and the building contractor. This often means making compromises that, without the input of the architect who has the expertise to design solutions that fit with the original plans, often results in a home or commercial structure that isn’t much like the original vision at all.

In an architect-led design build, your residential architect or commercial architect remains at the head of the project until it’s completion. This means that all changes run through the architect and the owner together, so that the best possible result can still be achieved. This puts far less pressure on the owner of the property to make lasting decisions without having the necessary expertise to rely on. With greater control from someone who has a clear understanding of the building process, engineering and architectural design, the integrity of the resulting building is maintained.

Reduction in Building Bottlenecks

The construction process is filled with potential bottlenecks, especially when it is contractor-led rather than architect-led. This is because most property owners don’t have the experience needed to expertly manage this building process and usually have their own, busy lives and careers to manage on top of the project. Each decision has to be made by the owner who understandably can’t anticipate potential bottlenecks further down the road that result from these decisions.

In an architect-led process, your architect is your project manager and while every decision is ultimately yours to make, your architect has the experience to map out different scenarios and options as well as their consequences, and then ensure everything is in place to streamline the process and eliminate bottlenecks like permit approvals, design changes or contractor schedules.

Commercial and Residential Architect-Led Building Services in NJ

With 20 years of experience on new residential building projects, home remodels and commercial architecture projects, the architecture firm of Seth A. Leeb knows that the secret to delivering outstanding results is building a great client relationship. As full-service architects in NJ, we are able to assist our clients all the way from site analysis and design conception through the construction of their home itself. For more information on our services and to start planning your project for residential or commercial architecture in NJ with an architect in NJ, please contact us today or visit our website.

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