Treehouses – A Housing Trend That’s Truly Back to Nature

Treehouses aren’t just for kids anymore; they’re a big trend in the architectural industry too. Treehouses embody the idea of escapism, and living high up in the branches means that you leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind in favor of a more whimsical and natural alternative. While this trend is making a big impact in the tourism and glamping industry, treehouses are also becoming a trend in residential architecture. Here are some insights from a home architect.

A Unique Home Addition

While many homeowners dream of adding on more living space to their home, some homeowners are choosing to achieve this through a treehouse. Modern treehouses, as popularized in a few reality shows, can be almost anything – a living area, a bar or outdoor kitchen/entertainment space, a guest apartment or a way of producing extra income through short-term rentals. These range in cost according to the complexity of the build – a simple deck where kids can plan and camp out under the stars is quick and affordable, while a full guest suite with a bathroom or a large outdoor entertainment space will be a far more complex, lengthy and costly project.

Why We Love Treehouses

In modern society, we’re seeing an increasing emphasis on creating balance in our lives. We have the pressure and stress of the workplace and family, and require self-care, quiet and relaxation in order to re-energize and be our most productive and happiest versions of ourselves.

Psychologists support the idea that home design has a beneficial impact on residents when it prioritizes tranquility and comfort. Biophilic design is a part of this, emphasizing the psychological benefits of incorporating the natural world into home and office design through natural materials, plants, art and lighting. 

This is what treehouses uniquely achieve.

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