Understanding the Different Roles of the Team Building Your New Home

Building a home is a dream for many people, but it can seem like a daunting process for anyone new to the experience. Your building site will seem chaotic at times with all the noise and bustle of the various teams of people hard at work. Here’s a quick guide to who’s who and what they do, from an architect in NJ.

  • Architect: Your architect should be registered and licensed to practice in the state where your project is taking place. Their primary job is to design your home, but they can offer you a wide range of services, from helping to select the right piece of land and evaluating the site to recommending contractors and project managing your build.
  • Builder: Your builder is the person who will co-ordinate and manage the work of different contractors on your project, making sure each team is on site when they are needed. They will work carefully with the project manager, discussing issues and solving challenges that arise.
  • Engineer: The structural engineer’s job is to make sure the home is built to be stable and strong. This is essential for every home in order to ensure that they comply with safety regulations and codes, and so that they can withstand their environment successfully.
  • Key contractors: These are tradespeople who work on specific areas of your home through the construction process. For example, you’ll have an electrician and plumber, as well as window specialists, painters, interior design specialists, landscapers, kitchen ad cabinetry installers, and more. They’ll be coordinated by your builder and project manager to ensure they are on site in the right order as the build progresses.
  • Building inspectors: Before the building process can start, the plans by the architect have to be approved by the appropriate local government building department. At particular stages during the building process, inspectors will visit the site to ensure that the plans are being adhered to and that there are no building code or practice violations. This will include how the house is being built as well as the neatness of the site, who is working on it and whether or not they are adhering to their legal requirements.

From Site Analysis to Design and Project Management, Speak to Your Architect in NJ 

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