What are Transitional Spaces in Commercial Architecture?

The way space makes you feel, the light streaming in, and the connection between humans all contribute to the experience of architecture. It’s vital that every architectural design, whether residential or commercial, has transitional spaces. These spaces aid to the imperative transition from the inside to the outside or from any one area to another. These spaces are created through green fields, breezeways, corridors, and entrance halls. Spaces like these will work on different levels depending on the project. 

An essential part of getting the architectural design process right for commercial transition spaces is the vital need to understand who your users are, working to the user’s needs, and understanding what they want from their experience. Architects are in a unique position to help people experience different emotions and challenge them, or comfort them, or put them in a place that makes them feel or think something that they may not have imagined they would. Design, whether it be dealing with the interior of a hotel room or the transition space between a lounge and a bar or in any situation, is about helping people feel. 

Let’s take an airport as an example. The experience starts when you leave the house and get in the taxi, that’s part of the departure experience, so the airport experience is also the journey to the airport and not just at the airport. Its that entire timeline and movement line, whether it’s five miles out from the airport, the space the taxi drops you off in, or how that gateway is marked. It’s all about the transitional spaces you move through before you get to your final destination. 

There’s so much more to what’s happening in commercial spaces than you see. The design should make people feel engaged, they should feel comfortable sitting or walking through cavernous spaces with warm textual touchpoints, they should want to be there. Commercial architects understand how to accommodate the space users, whether it’s a short passage, an appropriate place to the meal or a place to relax.

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