What Is A Full-Service Architect?

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Hiring an architect is a new experience for many clients and having a rewarding relationship means gaining an understanding of their fees and the services they provide. Here’s some insight into what it means to be a full-service architect.

The Role of an Architect 

Before we start, there are a few misconceptions about architectural services that should be cleared up. Firstly, most houses are not designed by an architect and are either built by developers or building contractors (although these designs and plans usually have to be submitted to an architect or engineer before they are approved). Secondly, many people think that an architect draws up the plans, hands them over to the client and their builder, and then moves on to a new project. The reality is that architect services cover far more than that.

Full-Service Architects are There from the Very Beginning 

Full-service architects offer a very wide range of client services that you can pick and choose depending on your requirements. Many clients choose the full range of services to ensure optimal peace of mind, but you can select different services according to what your site needs.

Your architect can be with you for your very first site visit, which can be very helpful even when deciding if this is the right site for you. They can complete certain types of analysis on the site itself, including egress studies, which can help determine any initial challenges to the site (for example, analysis water and soil on the site to determine the risk of flooding or type of foundation you may require).

A full-service architect can then assist you with every stage of the design and build process, from the design and concept stage through town building code plans and approvals, cost estimating and construction observation. These services are designed to make your project as efficient and successful as possible by addressing challenges, eliminating errors and checking quality at every stage of the building process.

Get Peace of Mind and an Exceptional Home from Full-Service Architects in NJ 

At the architecture firm of Seth A. Leeb, we know how important it is to deliver your dream home and create a space that is functional, safe and inspiring. As full-service architects, we can be there each step of the way to expertly guide this process – whether you are building a new home from the ground up, remodeling a period home, or extending your current home. For more information on our residential architect services in New Jersey, please contact us today or visit our website at https://leeb-architecture.com/


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