What Types of Projects do Commercial Architects Work on?

A commercial architect in NJ works on a wide range of commercial and public buildings, preparing plans and designs for new projects, remodeling projects and extensions. Here’s some insight into the qualifications and role of these architects in commercial building design.

What Qualifications are Necessary for Commercial Architects?

To be a commercial architect, a bachelor’s degree in architecture through a program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board is a minimum requirement. This is typically a 5-year program that focuses on a wide range of fields, including structural systems, architectural design software, construction materials and building design.

After successfully completing this course, students must complete an intensive 3-year internship followed by the Architect Registration Examination. All 7 sections have to be passed in order for a student to qualify as an architect, and this means that they are licensed to take on this role within their state. Only people who complete all these required steps are licensed to call themselves an architect.

What is the Role of a Commercial Architect?

A commercial architect participates in the entire building process, from meeting with clients and drawing up plans and designs to monitoring and managing on-site progress, working with contractors and even testing buildings to ensure they meet regulatory or design requirements.

Typical Projects for a Commercial Architect in NJ

Commercial architects in NJ work on a wide range of projects, including:

  • Large-scale commercial projects such as new retail malls, corporate buildings, public buildings, hotels and public spaces.
  • Remodeling projects for large-scale buildings and spaces.
  • Small and medium-scale projects such as new medical offices, buildings for start-ups, tech offices, office buildings, boutique hotels, restaurants, spas and more.
  • Remodeling projects for small or medium-scale buildings and spaces.

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