What Will Your Architect Do For You?

The Responsibilities Of A Residential Architect

When you hear the word “architect,” what do you think about? Like many people, you probably envision someone drawing up blueprints, but residential architects do so much more than that. When you hire an architect to build or remodel your home, you’re hiring a partner who will go on this journey with you, who will be with you every step of the way, from beginning blueprints and framework to recommending wall colors and decor at the end. 

If you’re ready to hire someone to build or remodel your home in New Jersey, here’s what you should look for when selecting an architect. The person you choose should be able to do the following:

Provide A Wealth Of Knowledge About Residential Homebuilding 

An architect’s knowledge covers the entire breadth of your project and includes:

  • Drawing up the initial design
  • Working with the most experienced contractors and construction crews
  • Sourcing the highest quality materials
  • Complying with all local building codes
  • Applying for any required building permits
  • Helping you save money where possible 

Design Your Home Remodel

If you’re remodeling your home, you’ll be working within existing confines of your property and the foundation of your home. An experienced residential architect can evaluate your current space, visualize the possibilities, and help you manage your expectations as to what is and is not realistic for your remodel. 

Act As Homeowner’s Advocate 

You can think of your architect as the point person for all the additional tasks that come along with building or remodeling your home, such as doing site visits, coordinating material and product orders, completing paperwork, and reviewing the contractor’s work at every stage. It’s very difficult for you as the homeowner to find time to attend to all these tasks. However, they’re essential to your build, so your architect will ensure everything is moving forward as planned. 

Provide Residential Project Administration

Budget and timeline can be two of the trickiest project elements to manage when building or remodeling a home. In addition, someone needs to be on site to supervise the build, inspect the work that’s being done, ensure the materials are up to par in terms of quality, and to ensure that the work is being done in accordance with the proposed budget and timeline. For people who aren’t architects it sounds very overwhelming, but experienced residential architects are adept at managing all elements of their projects – all while keeping the homeowner informed and up to date. 

As you can see, your architect will be responsible for so much more than simply drawing up your initial plans. They’ll act as a partner to you during this chapter of your life, and they’ll do what they can to alleviate your stress while ensuring you get exactly what you want in a home. 

If you’d like to speak with our residential architect about building your dream home in NJ, or if you have any questions, please contact us today or visit our website at: https://leeb-architecture.com/

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