What’s the Best Time of Year to Start Building?

One of the first questions many people ask their architect in NJ is when to start building their new home or addition. Here are some insights to help you make the best start on your new project.

What Factors Should I Consider Before I Start Building? 

  • Your contractors: The reality is that contractors are available year-round depending on their schedule and are often more easily available in their “off-season” months. If you want a specific contractor, this might be the most important factor in your decision.
  • Frozen ground: When the ground is frozen, it’s harder to work and many contractors prefer to have the basic foundations and structure in place before winter hits. This will vary according to your geographic location, with the North-Western areas of NJ having cooler temperatures on average and Atlantic Ocean regions having fewer days below freezing.
  • The rainy season: This is considered to be the worst time of the year to start a build, as waterlogged ground is challenging to work with and foundations simply don’t have enough time to dry out properly. Rains may delay your build during its initial stages, but once the building is watertight work can continue as usual. Areas with heavier rainfall like north central NJ may have to consider moving their build to a dryer time of year.
  • Dry weather: The dry seasons are the best time to start your build in terms of weather conditions, as it is faster and easier to put foundations in place and build the initial structure. While precipitation is common through the summer season, late summer and autumn are often fairly dry, making them a popular time of year to start the building process.

As you can see, weather plays an important role in how quickly and smoothly your building process can go. However, no one can guarantee what the weather will do, and although we can help you plan your build in detail, there’s always a chance of weather-related delays or complications any time of the year.

Let an Experienced Residential and Commercial Building Architect Guide Your Project

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