Which Architectural Style Is Right for You?

Which Architectural Style Is Right for You_

Are you planning to build a home but having trouble deciding which architectural style is right for you? With seemingly endless choices when it comes to style and design it can be difficult to choose, but there is more to take into consideration than what looks nice. Things like your budget and the size of your family will also factor into the architectural style that works best. Here are some common architectural styles, including features that might make them the best choice for you. 

Cape Cod

Simplicity, clean lines, and affordability are the main features of Cape Cod-style homes. These homes are recognizable by their rectangular shape and open floor plans, and they’re mostly built using wood. With slightly sloped roofs and symmetrical lines, Cape Cod-style homes are a classic choice. 


Craftsman homes have at least one feature that makes the home unique, and if you want a house with character and charm, this style may be for you. The interiors have a cozy, feel-good vibe created using exposed beams, handmade railings and unique woodwork, and the open plan design makes it a great style for families. 


If you’re eco-conscious and want to let your garden and landscaping take center stage, Modern/Prairie homes are a good option. Homes in this style are sophisticated with clean lines, flat roofs, lots of glass and tile, minimal woodwork, and they incorporate sustainable energy sources. The interiors have a lot of natural light and the design is streamlined and minimal. 


For those who love traditional design, Colonial homes offer just that with a look that never goes out of style. Colonial homes have existed since the 1600s and feature staples like evenly-spaced porches, shutters, and windows. Most Colonial homes are rectangle shaped and have square shaped rooms, making them ideal for families who want a classic design instead of something trendy. 

French Provincial

Do you love extravagance? Then consider a French Provincial home. Featuring luxurious bathrooms, oversized fireplaces, and elaborate gardens, these homes are grand with tall ceilings and accent windows. They’re usually built from stone, and stone also features in the interior as well. 


Farmhouse-style homes are very popular because they’re highly functional, simply designed, and have large, open rooms for families to enjoy. These homes are characterized by exposed beams and shabby chic finishes and design, and they’re considered very livable and casual. 


Popular with empty nesters, Ranch-style homes are usually one story and designed for efficiency, meaning it’s easy to get from one side of the house to the other. These homes are affordable, built for accessibility, and often come with large garages. Ranch-style homes flow easily from indoors to outdoors, meaning you can enjoy your backyard with ease. 

If you’d like to know more about the many different architectural styles, or if you have questions about which one is best for your family and your budget, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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