The Top Three Advantages of Hiring a Local Architect

Why It’s Important To Hire A Local Architect

Hiring a local architect is one of the keys to building your dream home. Perhaps you’ve started your search for a residential architect and you’ve found firms with impressive portfolios, but they’re not based in your area. Or maybe you’ve received recommendations via word of mouth from friends who live in different parts of the state. While there’s no doubt that these architectural firms do great work, it’s important to ask: do they have experience building and designing in your local area? Here’s why it’s so important to hire someone local. 

Knowledgeable of the Area’s Geography and Terrain, as Well as Local Building Codes and Regulations

Local architects will know important specifications about your area’s geography and terrain. For example, if your area receives a lot of wind, or has extreme weather during certain times of the year, it’s important to incorporate these factors into your home’s design. Elevation levels are also important to consider, because a home located up in the mountains at a higher elevation than a home near sea level will require specific design criteria. 

Local architects are also familiar with local building codes and regulations. Designing a home that doesn’t adhere to your local regulations can set you back in both time and money, and an experienced architect helps ensure that doesn’t happen. Building codes and regulations vary from county to county, so local architects have specialized knowledge of the area you are in. 

Familiar With Local Building Costs and Can Offer Cost Savings and Design Alternatives

Ideally, you will be able to source local building materials for your home. Costs rise quickly when you begin importing materials like marble, granite, stone, and other materials, and a local architect will know what’s available in your area. It’s important to keep your costs down wherever possible, and sourcing local building materials is essential in staying within budget. 

If you have your heart set on a particular material, for example granite, but it’s not available locally nor is it within your budget, an experienced residential architect can recommend affordable alternatives that are still of excellent quality. 

Offer Suggestions for Other Local Professionals Needed During the Building Process, Such as Builders and Subcontractors

As we mentioned before, hiring the right local architect is only one of the keys to designing your dream home. It takes a large team of people to build a house, and hiring a local architect is only the first step. Architects in your area will have existing relationships with builders and subcontractors who they can bring in to work on your home. They’ll know from experience who does high-quality work and who can deliver the results you want. Many local architects also have existing relationships with interior designers, outdoor landscapers, and other professionals who you will work with during your home building journey. Take advantage of your architect’s network and ask them to bring the best onboard. 

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