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Many architects enjoy working with local and national non-profit organizations as a way to give back to their communities. Truly, there is no feeling like giving your time to a cause that you feel so passionately about. Seth Leeb is lucky to have a day job as a residential and commercial architect that he finds incredibly fulfilling, however he has made it a point to volunteer his time and his skills over the last 15 years with the non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity. 

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) are entities that exist to further social causes or provide public benefits. The main ways that NPOs generate income is by donations from the government, corporations, and individuals. NPOs are granted tax-exempt status because of the public good they provide. 

Some of the most popular sectors for NPOs include food assistance for people in need, housing assistance for people in need, religious groups, medical research hospitals like St. Jude’s, and medical services like Doctors Without Borders. 

Habitat for Humanity is a NPO that builds affordable housing for families in need, both in the U.S. and around the world. Central to the organization’s mission is the belief that everyone deserves a safe place to live, and through an incredible network of volunteers, Habitat for Humanity has helped more than 46 million people achieve independence and dignity through safe and affordable shelter. 

How and Why to Work With A Non Profit Organization 

For those interested in working with a NPO, we recommend identifying a social cause you are passionate about and research local efforts. Many of us are busy with our day jobs and have limited time to volunteer, however there has to be local NPOs doing great work in your area that you can easily find time for. 

Working with NPOs gives volunteers a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. Many people believe we have a duty to give back to our communities, and to help those who aren’t as fortunate as we are. Even if you can only volunteer a few hours a week, rest assured it’s enough to make a difference in your community – and beyond. 

Seth Leeb’s 15th Year with Habitat for Humanity

Seth first joined Habitat for Humanity 15 years ago, and over the years he’s undertaken numerous projects that he feels passionately about. His approach is to provide well-designed plans that fit into the existing community, while shattering the myth that affordable housing equals flimsy quality and the lowering of property values. Seth has also provided designs for Habitat Net-Zero houses, proving that affordable housing can also be sustainable. 

Since joining Habitat for Humanity, Seth has worked on eight different projects that included 60 units of housing, and he’s currently working on eight additional projects that will provide another 70 units. He meets regularly with key stakeholders to review a list of future projects and building sites, and he has projects planned well into 2025. Seth is truly devoted to providing affordable, sustainable housing for everyone and his commitment to Habitat for Humanity remains unwavering. 

For more information about how Seth and his firm can help you with your architectural project, or if you have any questions about his work for Habitat for Humanity, please give us a call or visit our website at: https://leeb-architecture.com/

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