Design Fails That an Architect Will Help You Avoid

Design Fails That an Architect Will Help You Avoid

Are you ready to design your dream home? Hiring an architect is a key part of the process, because an architect will ensure you avoid common design fails that can quickly turn into costly mistakes to repair later on. Designing a house is a complex process and working with professionals – from an architect to a designer to a contractor – is essential if you want to avoid common mistakes. Here are some of the design fails we see frequently.

Unnecessary Demolitions

Demolishing an existing home should only happen if the building has been deemed unsalvageable. Demolitions are expensive and use a lot of resources, and we recommend consulting an experienced architect before deciding to demolish a building. For example, if you buy an old home, you may think that the only way to start fresh is to knock it down and start all over again. But with the help of an architect you may be able to work with the structure as-is. 

Wasting Space

Space is always an issue, particularly in apartments or smaller homes. Utilizing your space in the smartest way possible can be harder than it seems. A residential architect who has years of experience working with all different types of spaces will be able to suggest ideas you might not have thought were possible, and they’ll ensure you’re making the best use of your space. 

Not Realizing The Potential Of Your Location

Does your property receive full morning sun, but you haven’t planned for large, east-facing windows? Do you want to plant a garden that requires particular light? Do you have a beautiful view from the rear of your property, but you aren’t sure how to build a home that allows you to fully appreciate this view? These are just some of the issues that an experienced architect can help you solve, because you don’t want to waste the potential of your location. 

Designs Which Won’t Achieve Planning Permission

Your local zoning authority reviews proposed plans for all new homes to be built, and these plans must adhere to the local zoning regulations. Unfortunately, if your plans don’t adhere to these regulations then they’ll be denied, meaning you have to either alter them or start over. Residential architects are familiar with the intricacies of the local zoning regulations and can help you design a home that adheres to all regulations.

Busy Or Over Designed Spaces

Have you ever walked into a home and felt overwhelmed, or like you didn’t know where to look? Busy or over designed spaces often feel cluttered and crowded. Not to mention, your personal style gets completely overshadowed. Residential architects have experience designing many different spaces of all sizes, and they can offer valuable guidance on making the space your own without over designing it. 

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